Get well in Sparcadia & the Fitness Center

Designed for your well-being

The comprehensive spa Sparcadia and the Fitness Center, located on the lowest floor of the Hotel Arcadia Blue, are offering services, only for the hotel guests

Sparcadia contains a Turkish Bath, sauna and a massage room.


In the Turkish Bath of Hotel Arcadia Blue, you come across a contemporary adaptation of the Ottoman bath culture. 

Leave yourself to the experienced hands of the staff and be ready to experience the health coming from the water, in form of a purifying bath glove, relaxing foam massage.

Its necessary to have a reservation to use Turkish Bath


At the sauna, your body gets rid of all toxins within minutes and your immunity system gains strength.
The sauna broadens capillaries, balances blood pressure and ensures you to get rid of the crick especially after sport sessions; vitalizes, stretches and smoothens your skin.
Negative ions get mixed into the air through the water, when spread over the warm stones; enter your body by inhale and give you the feeling of wellness and happiness.

Its necessary to have a reservation to use Sauna


Through our special massages, bringing body, mind and soul in full harmony, you will experience the acceleration of your nerve, muscle and blood circulation and the rising feeling of wellness and peace of mind.
You can prefer a relaxing and refreshing one, or a deep tissue massage, focusing on relaxing regional stress and muscle strain, which comforts the aching muscles, reduces the stress and ensures a vigorous body.

Its necessary to have a reservation in advance.


Following your exercise at our fitness center, fitted out with equipment of advanced technology and guaranteeing an effective exercise, we recommend you to visit our sauna and get rid of the coming muscle pain based on lactic acid accumulation.